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Advanced Nursery Station

The Greenery’s seedling nursery has two independently-controlled seedling troughs housing up to 4,608 seedlings at once, providing plants with perfect conditions in their first weeks of life.

Air Flow 

Fans move air in the farm to stabilize internal temperatures, distribute CO2, and prevent stale air which can lead to mold and mildew. CO2 is controlled with a precision regulator to ensure levels are nourishing for plants and safe for humans.

Air Flow
Water dripping on panels

Drip Irrigation System

The Greenery S cultivation area uses gravity to make a drip irrigation system possible. The entire system uses as little water as possible, averaging just 5 gallons per day. Smart drip emitters give plants just the right amount of water at the roots; gutters recapture any excess and return it to the main tank.

Red & Blue LED Lights

Our farm has a total of 120 LED boards that are purposefully designed to emit only select wavelengths of red and blue light, which plants are able to absorb best for photosynthesis. Each color has a special purpose: Blue light stimulates stem growth, while red light helps the plant grow dense and healthy leaves.


Climate-Controlled Smart Farm

The Greenery’s climate control components work together to recreate an ideal spring day, everyday. As a result,
plants can thrive inside the container regardless of the external environment, whether it be harsh climates, tight urban centers, or extreme weather conditions to provide you with local produce all year around.

climate control.jpeg
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