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What is the best way to manage algae on my seedlings?

Algae growth is natural, and not something to be overly concerned about. Adding a small amount of hydrogen peroxide can help manage the growth of algae or mold on seedlings, but exercise caution as peroxide kills all bacteria, bad and good. If you do add peroxide to your water consider, purchasing nutrient supplements to add as well. You can find these on Amazon by searching "hydroponic growing nutrients" or at any garden store.  

How often should I change the water in my seedlings?

As your seedlings grow, the water level will naturally decrease. A good rule of thumb is to leave enough water so that half of the seedling plug is submerged. 

Should I add nutrients to my seedlings?

We provide a small packet of nutrients with your seedling order,  dissolve the packet in 16 oz of water and add your nutrient rich water to your seedlings.

How often should I pluck from my seedlings?

A good rule of thumb is to leave a few leaves in the center to continue growing. Depending on how much lettuce you want, pluck your leaves starting with the outermost layer.

What are the best seedlings to start with?

We recommend starting with lettuce seedlings such as red and green butterhead, green star, and red vein sorrel. 

Do I need to buy special grow lights for my seedlings?

The best way to get light to your seedlings is by placing them near a southern-facing window. If that is not an option for you, a regular lamp with an LED bulb over the seedling works as well. If you want to buy a grow light specifically for your seedlings, there are many options on Amazon for under $20, or at any garden center. 

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